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John & Sheila Troyer have over 50 years of leadership and customer service experience in the business and nonprofit world. Their expertise is in healthy communication, focused living, and effective leadership. Sheila brings leadership experience in finance, hospitality, events, and nonprofits. John has served in a variety of pastoral roles and led the launch of a national network of churches. Together they are building leaders to help businesses and communities thrive. They have two children and live in Goshen, IN.


Integrity. Clarity. Purpose.

Thrive Leadership Groups

Success. Happiness. Health. Many people chase these things but find them elusive. Our leadership group orients you toward living life well. You no longer have to be a victim of the expectations and drama around you. You can find your purpose and be fruitful and productive in meaningful ways. You can build grit and passion as you engage in an intense, relevant, high impact leadership development experience. Over eight weekly sessions you will be empowered to develop and lead great teams in all areas of your life. After the first two months, we provide quarterly follow up for a year to help make your transformation stick. Based on the latest research, the Thrive Leadership Group reorients you to living in a non-reactive, purposeful way. This can be done with your team or by joining with other high capacity leaders.

Pastor & Executive Search

We can help you find your next leader! This is not just a search process, but it includes an analysis of your organization to identify strengths and weaknesses and to help position you for an effective next chapter. We have a proven process that works quickly and will pull together your organization in an effective way. Contact us to get started.

Customized Coaching, Training, and Consulting

We want to help you meet your goals. We provide customized coaching, group training, and consulting for organizational change. We believe that you can take simple steps to increase clarity in your life and in the life of your organization. We'd love to work with you and your team!


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